Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Short Retirement

I only thought I was ready for retirement… 

Providence has allowed for me to return to my first love (professionally) of teaching in an endowed professorship this fall.  I will serve as the John Massey Professor in Business at my undergraduate alma mater, Southeastern, in Durant, Oklahoma. 

In addition to teaching duties, I will develop and build networks between the John Massey School of Business and corporations, entrepreneurial firms, and organizations including Conscious Capitalism, leadership development companies, and Spend Life Wisely affiliated firms. 

I’m looking forward to teaching, preaching on weekends, researching, writing, and the scholarly side of life in the academy. Prayers are appreciated as we relocate to where Dana and I met, where all four of our sons were born, and where my faculty career was launched in 1985.  #backtothefuture 

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