Sunday, July 2, 2017

OBU Arboretum Accredited

One of our OBU's seven strategic initiatives in our plan, "OBU 2020," deals with improving University relations. Specifically, the plan calls for the following:  

OBU will increase and improve external relations with its diverse constituencies including the local community, alumni, donor, and denominational relations. This initiative includes intentional efforts with local schools, community service and learning, and environmental stewardship. Vision: By 2020, OBU will be identified as a leader in community outreach and involvement with specific targeted programs that reach area school systems, home school families, and the general public. OBU programs in service and learning that reach out to underserved and impoverished individuals will be a model for other institutions. Environmental stewardship and creation care initiatives will be cited regionally and nationally including new facility construction and remodeling with specific goals to include conservation and green efforts. By 2020 the OBU campus will be regionally recognized as one of the top arboretums in the state (

This last week, the University reached a major milestone in our environmental stewardship and creation care efforts. OBU received recognition from ArbNet of our accreditation as an arboretum, to date, Oklahoma's only accredited arboretum (