Sunday, October 17, 2010

72 & 316

Sobering statistics: 

Over 6.85 billion* souls in the world.
56,597,034 deaths per year.
About 155,060 every day.

33% claim to be Christian of some persuasion.
67% claim no Christianity.

Of that 67% 
Over 37,920,000 die every year.
103,890 die every day.
About 4,328 die every hour.
Over 72 people die every minute rejecting 
any form of belief in Jesus notwithstanding Matt. 7:21-23.

72 every minute 
swallowed up in an eternity  
separated from God, 
separated from love.

72 dying and going to hell every minute
every hour
every day 
every year.


While we watch television. 
While we work. 
While we sleep.  
While we eat.  
While we email. 
While we blog.
While we Facebook.
While we tweet.

72 every 60 seconds.

Don't be one of the 72.

 Admit you're in need of someone to intervene. Turn you back on those things that separate you from God. Turn to God and ask forgiveness through Jesus the Messiah. Trust in His death, burial, and resurrection for your own forgiveness and right standing with the Father in Heaven. 

John 3:16
Whosoever confesses and believes in the Son 
will not perish, but will have eternal life.

72 believing 3:16 = a much sweeter sound at the gates of heaven.