Thursday, December 9, 2010

Book Reviews: Last Few from 2010

Anderson, Michael (2005), The Scent of Life: A Pocket Prayer Book for the Discovery of Life.  This book was a gift from John Massey in Durant. It is a brief work that contains quotes and scriptures and prayers set amidst our senses. 

Dekker, Ted (2010), Immanuel's Veins.  New York Times best-selling author,Ted Dekker's newest book is set in the 1770s in Moldavia against the backdrop of the Russo-Turkish war.  This was my first Dekker book and it was interesting reading providing a parable of sorts for the great love story of the bridegroom for the bride and the lengths at which someone will go to win the freedom of the one on whom their hearts desire is set.

Stover, Emma (2009), Sirloin Stockade Slaughter: Murder on the Run.  A very brief tale taken largely from newspaper accounts, this 87 page read recounts the terrible tale of Roger Dale Stafford who took the life of a couple traveling near my hometown of Wayne and then committed the horrific mass murder at Oklahoma City's Sirloin Stockade. During the murder trial for the Wayne area murders I would sneak out of school and attend the trial in Purcell and so I was particularly interested in reading the book.

Willis, Avery and Matt Willis  (2009), Learning to Soar: How to Grow Through Transitions and Trials. My copy was given to me by Dr. Willis and is a most treasured volume.  In the book, Willis and his grandson provide insight into facing transitional challenges.  Using the imagery of the eagle as presented in Scripture, Avery provides wisdom backed up by decades of experience, while Matt writes with the zeal and perspective of a young man at the beginning of a lifelong journey of service. You'll find this book helpful no matter your phase of life.

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