Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Father and Son Reunited

Incredible.  Some headlines read, "Miracle."  The story of the trapped Chilean miners is a compelling story.

The last miner was brought back to the surface after over two months of being in a sort of tomb. The moment was moving as he emerged and was seen alive.  More moving was the moment he and his son were reunited.

"Oh, my son...." the miner whispered as the two embraced.

I was immediately struck with another picture that happened over 2,000 years ago and that is even more compelling, more miraculous, more incredible.

Yet in that case, it was the son that was entombed and a father who grieved. In that case, the tomb was real.  The grave was sealed.  And inside was not someone as good as dead; the man was indeed dead and buried. Three days later however, the man named Yeshua rose from the dead.

Imagine the moment when the Messiah emerged from the tomb and was seen alive.

Imagine that moment when the Father and Son were reunited.

The embrace.

The emotion.

The whisper of the Father....

"Oh, my Son..."

Incredible.  Miraculous.  Compelling...

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