Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Whole Note

A favorite activity growing up (in the days of network sign-offs with the National Anthem and before 24-hour news channels, Internet and YouTube) was playing my dad's old LP albums--Herb Alpert, Mitch Miller, the Beatles, the Statler Brothers, the Righteous Brothers, Frank Sinatra, Henry Mancini, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin--and listening to the carousel of 45s on our jukebox stocked with Elvis Presley, Jeanie C. Riley, Roger Miller, Johnny Cash, and the like. On Sunday mornings my mom often tuned the television to the show, Gospel Singing Jubilee, and I heard groups like the Florida Boys and Blackwood Brothers.  

When I got my own hi-fi stereo system with 8-track (then later a cassette deck), my speakers beat with the sounds of the Eagles, Seals and Croft, Simon and Garfunkle, Jimmy Webb, America, Don McLean, the Doobie Brothers, Rod Stewart, James Taylor, Kim Carnes, and Chicago, as well as Willie and Wayland, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty (yes I know...), Ed Bruce, Crystal Gayle, Eddie Rabbit, Kenny Rogers, Ann Murray, and Glenn Campbell. After becoming a believer, CD purchases of Keith Green music began to make its way into my collection (Green had actually been a pop star in rock and roll before his conversion and dedication to distinctively Christian music).

Occasionally, I will read something about the artists I listened to in my youth and who I still enjoy when I can catch them on the radio or use my iPod. I'm always interested when I discover that some of them have made professions of faith in Jesus.  Here are just a handful of my all time favorite artists who have stated their own  faith in Jesus.

Bob Dylan. Know for his folk, rockabilly, and even jazz, Dylan's music often is interlaced with a biblical worldview.

BW Stevenson. One of my all time favorite singer songwriters who died young years ago, I only recently discovered had become a believer and actually recorded a Christian album before he passed away.

Ed Bruce.  Singer songwriters are among my favorite artists and Bruce like Stevenson has many hits you would recognize but that were probably made famous by other artists. I recently read that some time ago he too has become a believer and begun recording Christian music.

Johnny Cash. A favorite singer of iconic reputation, he is well known to have been a believer having appeared with Billy Graham to share his testimony and sing.  His gospel albums are among his best.

Glenn Campbell. Another iconic star and favorite, his music is easy on my mind, and his songs of faith are outstanding.  Not a perfect testimony but who among us doesn't have regrets.

I'm just saying...I'm looking forward to the concerts that will be held across Jordan....  Of course we'll also be able to enjoy concerts by none less than George Frederic Handel, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Johann Sebastian Bach!

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